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Rhianna B. – Dancer by day

ZPS@Home student by choice!

2014-10-01 01.15.33Most students have to wait until after graduation to chase their dreams, not so for Rhianna B. She had a desire to dance professionally and that started before graduation. “I chose ZPS@Home because I needed more time to train on my own schedule for ballet. Doing ZPS@Home allowed me to train longer and more intense than I could before, and it has opened more doors for my future ballet career.”

ZPS@Home gives students and families the ability to take control of their learning and schedule. “Whenever I did my school work with ZPS@Home , I was able to give it my full attention because I made sure that there are no distractions prohibiting my work. I got more sleep, so that when I get to my training, my body could fully function at it’s peak performance level.”

Learning and taking classes online may not be for everyone, but for some ZPS@Home is a perfect fit. “I love this program so much. If it weren’t for this learning program, I would not be able to be pursuing a professional ballet career. I am so grateful for this new learning opportunity!”


Hannah R. – Restaurant Worker by day

ZPS@Home student by choice!

2014-10-01 01.15.03Hannah R. is a 2015 graduate the ZPS@Home program. As part of her class load, she was taking three Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Hannah was accepted to Grand Valley State University in the Fall of 2015 to study Psychology. Being part of ZPS@Home has allowed her to balance her life between school, working, and being with friends and family. Hannah says, “I chose ZPS@Home because it made my life much more stress free, and fit into my schedule much better than traditional school. It’s great for someone who is motivated to do well, and is good at organization and planning.”

Despite working on classes online, she is never forgotten. Hannah is provided a mentor to track her process and academic support when needed. “I can work on my classes at school, when I am working with my Calculus tutor.” Making money toward college is a big priority for Hannah. Because she is a ZPS@Home student and has a flexible schedule, she can pick up shifts at work during the day and complete her education when she wants. “I can fit my classes into my own schedule and learn at my own pace. I can work on classes at home, at a coffee shop, in between shifts at work, or at a friends house.”